Empath Traits: 30 Signs to Tell if You Have Them

Are you an empath or have empath traits?

Do you tend to get extremely exhausted after going to crowded areas?

Have you ever met someone for the first time and immediately feel an ache in your body…and sometime later, find out that this person is having physical symptoms in the same areas in his or her body?

Do you often feel a sharp pain in your heart as another person shares about her struggles with you?

Have you ever an unexplained wave of negative energy when visiting a new place such that you feel sick immediately?

If any of the above is true, you may be someone with empath traits.

The above examples appear in my family, friends, clients and most of all, myself!

After reflecting on my own experiences and knowing others who have them, I realise that I know a fair bit about what life for one having empath traits is like.

What’s Life Like for You with Empath Traits

Essentially, an empath is someone who feels the emotions of others as if they are his or her own.

If you have little understanding and self-awareness about what it means to have empath traits, life can possibly be a miserable and trying one.

You often feel vulnerable due to a heightened level of sensitivity. To protect yourself, you may find it necessary to stay away from others. There is a wall that you’ve built psychologically, to keep safe. You believe that no one understands your world and that it is best that you are alone. And so, you keep to yourself mostly.

Also, because you easily sponge up other people’s emotions, it can get to a point of being unbearable. You feel constantly tired, drained of energy. If not careful, you enter into a state of despair with no idea that you are carrying the emotional weight of 100 persons on your back. In a state of depression, you may entertain suicidal thoughts or adopt addictive behavior so that you no longer have to “feel” any more.

Still, there are positive empath traits to be aware of. You tend to be highly intuitive and your empathetic nature attracts people easily. With the ability to feel the emotions of others, you are able to create connections quickly. This ability is helpful if you are in the healing profession, coaching/counselling or in the creative arts field.

By undertaking self-discovery and creating better awareness, you can learn to survive and cope in a world that could appear harsh to you at first. Additionally, you can draw on your strengths to create a more empowering life for yourself. Find out more as you read on 🙂

Understand the Distinction Between an Empath and Someone who is Merely Empathtic

There is a difference between being an empath and someone who is merely empathic and not an empath. It can be difficult to make a distinction. Most people will fall into the latter group. As humans, we are naturally sensitive and can practice empathy. For example, anyone with a fair level of sensitivity can feel sorry for the victim of an unfortunate event.

Notwithstanding, any difference is not a matter of black and white as there can be shades in between. People can have varying degrees of empath attributes. Some more developed than others.

What differentiates between being a true empath and someone who is highly sensitive is not just about taking on the emotions of another. As indicated in my questions at the start of this article, empaths with heightened intuitive abilities can also experience physical sensations with messages about another person. They are able to pick up and feel affected by the energy of a place even though they are not consciously aware about what had happened there previously.

If you are having trouble understanding why you are always feeling depleted in energy and have issues with emotional overwhelm, it would help to find out more about empath traits. Emotional sponging can be exhausting on a day to day basis. Essentially you are carrying other people’s karmic burdens as well. Your belief system is also geared to helping others at your own expense. Finally, you sacrifice your own goals for the sake of keeping those around you happy.

Knowing that you are an empath or have empath traits helps you with coping strategies. You learn what to avoid, with increased self-awareness. Also, you learn about how to relate to others in a safe way that is also within a healthy personal boundary. What’s key to realise is that some form of learning needs to be involved.

Empath Traits: 30 Signs to Determine if You Have Them

Find out how many of the following empath traits you have…

1. You experience intense emotions suddenly only to discover that someone whom you love or gotten to know is going through the same.

2. You start to feel a physical ache in a particular part of your body when meeting a stranger, only to find out that the other person is experiencing the same physical ailment in his or hers.

3. You experience migraine headaches, nausea and/or a wave of negative energy when you enter a place where people were feeling depressed or sad previously.

4. When you are in a place full of people, you experience energy overwhelm and feel extrenely exhausted thereafter; even though you have not done anything physically active.

5. You feel sick whenever you take the public transport.

6. You are able to tell when someone is lying, simply through feeling the energy of his or her response.

7. You can’t seem to focus (with a scatter in energy) when there are other people around, but you are calm and fine on your own.

8. You take what you feel very seriously and find it extremly hard to just let your feelings go. It is as if you identify yourself with the emotion and the feeling sticks!

9. You often feel unwell even though the doctor may not be able to esatily detect what’s wrong with you physically.

10. You have a low pain threshold and you have a huge aversion to taking injection shots or being in situations where there is blood involved.

11. You often end up as a doormat as you have difficulty saying “no” to others and feel the need to please the wishes of others.

12. You feel the CONSTANT need to express your emotions and what you feel through the arts be it dance, acting or drawing.

13. You have a great deal of compassion and being very thoughtful, show a heightened level of care for others.

14. You are drawn to metaphysics, due to your ability to feel and sense energy.

15. You tend to attract paranormal experiences. Spirits like to convey messages through giving you emotional impulses.

16. You experience mood swings, going into highs and lows, without warning.

17. You often find others offloading their problems and sharing their secrets with you, even if they had not told their closest family and friends.

17. You prefer to avoid meat because you can feel the suffering of the animal.

18. You often feel physically ill when you watch the news or listen to the radio about violence and cruelty.

19. You have fewer problems with knowing what others feel than being clear about what you think and feel.

20. You tend to escape from the real world by adopting addictive behavior such as drinking or playing video games.

21. You are sensitive to old things such as vintage items, ancient relics and second hand stuff. Tell-tale signs are such as developing a headache, feeling nauseated, being sick in the stomach, turning cold and a rush of nervous energy.

22. You also experience symptoms such as getting a migraine or goosebumps on your arms when entering some historical place (eg. burial grounds of mass killings) or ancient ruins, even though you feel particularly drawn to visiting such destinations.

23. You crave for freedom to do as you please, rather than be bogged down by rules and regimes.

23. With your caring nature, you are drawn to the helping profession or doing some form of volunteer work.

24. You have a strong affinity for animals, nature and people.

25. When telling or sharing stories, you tend to describe emotional details vividly by tuning into your feelings.

26. You tend to “block” out others, in attempts to protect your energy and prefer to be reclusive.

27. You tend to have allergy problems. Skin issues, in particular, are about establishing personal boundary. Read about my own experiences with skin problems.

28. You have the strong tendency to stand up for the weak and disadvantaged, as you are able to feel their struggles.

29. You enjoy solitude a lot more than others, and often need to take me time to recharge from having a flat battery.

30. You are guided more by your heart than logic, when making decisions. It’s possible that your decisions change in accordance to mood swings.

One trait or two that you’ve checked off the list does not necessarily make anyone an empath. The crucial difference is the propensity to absorb emotions around you. Like a sponge that easily absorbs liquid, it’s the same for empaths. It’s not surprising that many empaths or those with empath traits are often negatively described as being highly emotional!


What Can You Do with Empath Traits

Many with empath traits struggle with not knowing what to do at first. It was the same for me too. I could not explain the constant fatigue I was feeling at one stage. Depressive episodes would hit me when I get stuck in my emotional pain body. Fortunately, I have learned how to survive and get on top of my challenges.

May I declare…

Being an empath or someone with empath traits is not a death sentence.

Neither should it be an excuse to isolate yourself from the world.

There are tools and strategies such as creating a boundary, establishing an energy shield and getting away from toxic relationships that can help.

As an empath healer, you can learn to “feel” your clients’ energy just enough to help them and not holding on to the disruption after the session. It’s certainly what I do for release and detachment. If you are a Reiki, Quantum Touch or any hands-on energy healing, you need to practice this.

A big part about taking charge of your life is about creating mindfulness. Mindfulness is needed to discern what is truly your stuff and what are others and to establish clear boundaries. Start by recognising if you have got empath traits.

Transform from being a struggling empath to one who is not just surviving….but also who has the ability to thrive in this world! 

Love and abundance always, 
Evelyn Lim

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