To Change your life Start with a baseline.

Making changes in your life is the way we grow and develop. Change is a steady process and a part of being grown up. When you start on changing things in your life, you have to start from where you are today. Least you know where that place is it would be difficult to really make any changes. You must start with a baseline.

When getting started making a baseline you must be honest about figuring out where you are and what it is that you are doing so you can know exactly where and what things needs to be changed. This may sound strange, but most of us are unaware of the things that we do. I have clients tell me they want to lose weight so the first thing I do is have them to write down everything that they eat in a week just to get a baseline just see what they actually eat in one week. So the next week they are in completely shocked, for they can see not only how much they are eating, but also what they were eating. They find out that they were totally unaware of what they are doing. When you make a journal and write it down (and this works with anything) you will get a real picture of exactly where you are and more importantly what needs to be changed.

I read a statistic somewhere once that said most people spend about 10% or more than they make. I believe that this is very true, and because of what is being spent, especially on a credit card, is not accounted for. A while back, a woman was complaining about she didn’t have enough time to get everything she needed to do, done. When she journaled what she was doing with her time for a week she was made painfully aware that she spent hours watching television. Her first step in change was being made aware. You have to be aware of what it is that you are doing and so that you know exactly where you are before you can make a change and move forward. By keeping track for a couple of weeks will give you valuable information that will need to make the changes in your life.

crystle ball for ones lifes changes that need to be made.
If only we had a crystle ball for life.

Before you take on any type of change or effort you must know where you are. You know those travel maps, you know the ones with that big X printed next to “You are here.” When you become aware of  where you are – and a lot of us don’t have any idea – then it will be almost impossible to correct the needed changes.

So you see the first step in making any change or effort is to find out where you are. By keep a journal for a week or two, this will help give you a realistic idea of what you are doing. You can track anything from how much money you spend to how many hours of sleep you get. Once you know the truth about where you are you can proceed forward to make the positive changes in your life. To learn more follow this link.