How to Grow Rich with Peace of Mind

How would you like to grow rich with peace of mind?

You can’t exactly claim to be having inner peace if you are constantly tossing in bed at night and fretting over financial matters. A mind that is fraught with worry is hardly still.

Or, it may be that you are already making good money but have not acquired it in a meaningful way and with a clear conscience. While your concerns may differ from someone who is poor and struggling, you are nonetheless unhappy and not living life in fulfilment and freedom.

Well, for anyone who is having money stress, I suggest finding a better way forward.

In either situation, you are being a slave to money. You are held captive. The consequence is a negative impact on the quality of your life. As Napoleon Hill, the best-selling author of Think and Grow Rich, advocates, never allow money to master you. If you are in emotionally disrupted even whilst you are working towards wealth creation, you are not at peace.

If you’ve read Napoleon Hill’s famous Think and Grow Rich, I suggest checking out the book Grow Rich! With Peace of Mind too! Napoleon Hill wrote Grow Rich! With a Peace of Mind when he was 84, years after he wrote Think and Grow Rich and at a time when he was much wiser. In Grow Rich with Peace of Mind, he reconciled important principles that would help anyone create success and balance at the same time.

Background to Grow Rich! With Peace of Mind

Think and Grow Rich is well-loved by millions of people around the world. However, there were some who criticised Think and Grow Rich for encouraging materalistic cravings and promoting greed. Well, Napoleon Hill wrote Grow Rich! with Peace of Mind to address some of the concerns raised.

Indeed, I had found myself rather intrigued by a title that says Grow Rich! With Peace of Mind. I had discovered an ebook version on my kindle while searching the library for what I could read next. My husband had purchased and shared a copy sometime ago. But it was only recently that I finally came across it.

In the book, Napoleon Hill drew on his personal experiences over the years. Having achieved much success in his early career, Napoleon had once believed that it was essential that he owned a big house and drove nothing less than a Rolls Royce. However, the extravagant spending prior to the Great Depression of 1929 led to Napoleon Hill losing his estate. From the lessons learnt thereafter, he distilled wisdom which he shared in Grow Rich! With Peace of Mind.

There are plenty of messages from the book that I had found useful to remind myself of.  Writing this article here is my way of keeping notes. And I’d like to share them with you.

What Is Peace of Mind

First of all, what does peace of mind mean?

Napoleon Hill describes peace of mind beyond being in a restful state. In fact, he says that it can be both restful and dynamic. It manifests itself in many ways in terms of freedom such as:
– freedom from negative force which may take possession of the mind,
– freedom from any feeling of want
– freedom from all fears
– habit of helping others to help themselves
– habit of going the extra mile in relationships
– habit of giving before trying to get

“Peace of mind helps you live your life on your own terms, in values of your own choosing, so that every day your life grows richer and greater.” Napoleon Hill

7 Powerful Lessons from Grow Rich! With Peace of Mind

1. Know your own mind – live your own life.

Pursue your own dreams. Let how you are living your life influence others to realise their own powers and find their destiny. Set a time limit for specific accomplishment and build up spiritual defences within your mind, so that you can achieve what you want.

2. Keep a positive attitude that brings wealth and peace.

A positive mental attitude keeps your mind on your goal and shows you how to get there. You are governed by 9 basic motives, out of which 7 are connected strongly to peace of mind. Set up 10 Princes of Guidance to keep negative influences out of your mind.

3. Free yourself from fear, so that you can be free to live.

“Fear is like prayer in reverse; it appeals to negative forces which hurt us, instead of to positive forces which help and sustain us.” Napoleon Hill

4. Will you master money or – will it master you?

You lose peace of mind when you pursue money too anxiously. “Enough money” is a relative term. When you feel you will be satisfied enough for solid comfort and securities and some luxuries, you often attain more.

5. Share your riches.

Wealth that is shared creates more wealth. If you render help, you will be rewarded many fold.

6. Form a master mind group.

You get in tune with a mind that resonate with yours and double your mind power for a common goal. Find members who are like-minded. Napoleon Hill also suggested that entrepreneurs get together to invest in and nurture new business owners–a model for venture capital companies!

7. The Supreme Secret.

The Supreme Secret: Anything the mind can believe, it can achieve. Decide on the belief you want and embed it in your subconscious. Use the art of auto-suggestion which essentially is visualisation and positive affirmations to realise your dreams.

Secret Sacred Messages from Grow Rich! With Peace of Mind

Unseen guidance in the Jungle of Life. In Grow Rich! With Peace of Mind, Napoleon Hill  shared that the “Master” spoke to him audibly, revealing secret knowledge. Apparently, the Master came from a school of wisdom which has persisted in the Himalayas for ten thousand years.

The Master shared that 26 enemies lie in wait in the Jungle of Life. These enemies are include fear, greed, intolerance, egotism, lust, anger, hatred, and so on. As long as one enemy remains, you are still  in the Jungle of Life. However, once you defeat the above 26 enemies, you acquire the ability to live a life of peace, abundance, success and enjoyment.

Ultimately, nothing matters. Napoleon Hill also shared about how an experience in “automatic writing” at the typewriter where communcation from an unseen world revealed the message: ultimately, nothing matters. The message is about keeping things in perspective, so that you can let go of the things you can’t control more easily.

Reading Recommendation: Grow Rich! With Peace of Mind

If you want to realise your highest potential, developing success consciousness is a must. Grow Rich! With Peace Of Mind offers some powerful lessons about mastering the self. Even though they were written years ago, they are still relevant today.

I certainly agree: A mind cluttered with emotional and mental “enemies” is not in its best optimal state to achieve true success and abundance. As pointed out in the book, the way to inner peace is through releasing the past, managing your emotions, using positive visualisation and so on…in fact, all the things that I practice and share with others too. Conversely, inner peace brings about stability, ease and confidence. You are in a better state to attract all that you desire and more.

I recommend having Grow Rich! with Peace of Mind in your book list.  Napoleon Hill relates interesting stories. Notwithstanding, I suggest placing attention to applying the lessons after reading the book. As we all know, reading and taking action is two different matters. For instance, it’s one thing to read about letting go and quite another, to actually release an attachment to the past.

The book is a wonderful companion for anyone’s wealth creation journey.  It serves as a guide for applying important principles to your specific situation. There are certainly steps and actions that you can take for achieving peace of mind. I’d be happy to help you along your journey, if you’ve got questions about making a shift. Apply here for a call. 

Love and Abundance Always, 
Evelyn Lim
Abundance Life Coach 

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