Why Every Woman Needs to Keep a Self-Discovery Journal: 7 Powerful Benefits to Journaling

Do you have a Self-Discovery Journal whereby you write your reflections and keep notes so that you can discover more about yourself?

If you don’t, I highly suggest starting one for reasons that I’m about to share in this article.

If you’ve been going for psychic readings, doing personality quizzes and strength finder tests, you’d be interested to know that you can also access answers from within.

Heck…you don’t need to go on an expensive “Eat Pray Love” round the world trip or join any sacred Wild Womanhood circle if you don’t have the funds or time for these.

May I say: Journaling is low cost, powerful and quick to do.

After collecting research, collating my findings and doing more journaling myself, it’s a recommendation that I believe will help many of you.  There are enough research studies that already back up the practice of journaling. In particular, I suggest a journaling practice for women. It is potentially a way for you to connect with your Divine Feminine. By getting in touch with the sacred part of yourself, you give her forgotten voice a chance for expression.

It’s certainly what I had realised for myself.

Why I Personally Recommend Self-Discovery Journal for Women

Journaling has helped me greatly as an outlet for healing and expression. When I was young, I have had challenges with articulating my thoughts. Speaking was difficult for me. It took me a long time to form what I wanted to say. Even then, I didn’t always say what I meant. Not to mention, I did not know how to release any negative emotion safely; without the fear of feeling judged or criticised.

Well, journaling helped set me free. I stumbled upon a rich inner world. For the first time, I found out that it wasn’t true that I did not have any opinions or thoughts about a subject matter. Also, if given time to reflect, I was able to express what I truly think and feel.

About a month ago, while observing other women spoke in turn during a public speaking workshop, I became aware that I was not alone with the challenge of expressing myself. We have so much fears surrounding what other people may think that we suppress our own voice. Or it could be because that we want to look perfect or put together that we bury our true thoughts.

Why the focus on women and not the men? I’m not saying that men don’t have any challenges but women in general have had their voices suppressed for a long time. Most certainly, it was true for the many women in the room who found it difficult to speak up. I was nervous too. Yet, it wasn’t a mammoth task that we were asked to do. We were simply told to tell our story in front of 100 people that day. Telling our authentic story while connecting with our emotions was excruciatingly challenging!

Throughout history, we were taught that it was not safe to be heard. Neither was it safe to let others know about how vulnerable we feel. As women, we were also known and treated as the “inferior” sex. We were not allowed to speak up, to be visible and we were told that our opinions matter less than the men in our community.

Fortunately, things have started to change recently. More and more brave women are reclaiming themselves through connecting with their Divine Feminine for the very first time. Instead of denying their sacred feminine gifts, they are more ready to apply them for aligning with their highest potential.

My contention is that anyone does not need to go on an expensive trip or join a meet-up if she does not wish to. Self-discovery does not need to happen in the company of others. In fact, it can happen right in your own home, while you sit on a chair with a pen and some journaling paper.

Starting a Self-Discovery Journal: 7 Benefits to Journaling

Here are 7 reasons why you need to get started on a self-discovery journal, if you have not already gotten one…

1. Journaling offers you a chance to express your voice in what you truly think and feel. On the external front, you may not say what you truly think and feel for various reasons. It could be fear of rejection or it could be that the situation is not appropriate for you to be truthful. Well, you can circumvent this problem through journaling.

Through journaling, you invite yourself to be authentic and to release your thoughts and feelings onto paper. Acknowledging what you think is a therapeutic process. Journaling also helps you to release any hurts or blame that you may be feeling. You are also doing it safely – where no one needs to know.

2. Journaling helps you to organise your thoughts for improved clarity. When you are too much in the head, you are unable to think clearly. Your thoughts are in a jungled mess.

However, when you put your thoughts out onto paper, you have the chance to review them. Patterns emerge. It becomes easier to connect the dots and arrive at solutions.

3. Journaling leads you to improve your intuition and to connect with your inner guidance. Journaling slows your noisy mind. It gives you a chance to go quiet, where the spring of your intuition can be found.

Intuition is a sacred feminine gift that many women need to learn to access due to the lack of awareness. Journaling offers you a chance to work on your intuitive ability. By connecting intuitively and accessing your inner guidance at a deep level, you get the answers that you seek.

4. Journaling is a mindfulness practice that supports physical health and well-being. Through guided questions, you are invited to notice the pain in your body and to release them with equanimity. Meditate on this: the female body is a sacred temple. You learn to embrace yourself even with all your perceived physical imperfections.

Journaling benefits have been scientifically proven. Research shows that journaling helps in stress reduction, boosting immune system, decrease viral load in AIDS patients, as well as speeding up healing after surgery. Thus, if you want to reap health benefits, make journaling a practice!

5. Journaling is a tool for finding what your passion and purpose is. Many of us claim that we don’t know why we are here or what we are meant to do on Earth. By making journal posts about what you love and value, you are able to discern more clearly about what your passion and purpose is. Through answering writing prompts, you uncover hidden answers that you have ignored or failed to recognise.

Journaling empowers you to find these out yourself. You don’t need to look for a psychic to give you the answers. You can rest in the confidence that you have them!

6. Journaling helps you align with gratitude. You can use journaling as way to help you focus on areas of life that you’d like to place attention on. One example is to do gratitude journaling.

Often enough, we tend to focus on things that go wrong. With gratitude journaling, you are expressing thanks for the blessings that you experience in your life. You remind yourself that there is already a lot of good. Expressing gratitude is uplifting for the soul!

7. Journaling helps you uncover who your authentic self is. Many of us are trained to adopt a mask, so that we can fit in or conform to societal expectations. Women, in particular, would like to have a sense of belonging. Unfortunately, we tend to lose ourselves in our various roles – as a mother, daughter, caregiver, lover, friend and so on. All these reasons can work against us when we have no clue about who we really are and desire in life.

Journaling is an excellent tool for self-discovery. You give yourself the opportunity to find out what your true needs and forgotten dreams are. Greater self-awareness often leads to increased self-confidence and well-being. Thus my conclusion, journaling is a self-discovery practice that can support you in your personal growth and soul evolution. It’s about time women find themselves and their voices back!

What’s Next?

Would like to take journaling to the next step? Don’t know how to get started? I’d like to assist.

I’ve published a book on how you can begin.

Find out the following:
– how you can engage in a virtually free or low-cost therapeutic self-discovery process for yourself.
– how to connect with your Divine Feminine, so that you can enhance your ability to SHINE your core brilliance,
– how you can reap the holistic benefits in spiritual and physical wellness through journaling!

Check out: Self-Discovery Journal for Women: 250 Questions and Writing Prompts to Find Yourself and to Discover the Divine Feminine >

Love and Abundance Always,
Evelyn Lim

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