How can you stop the buzzing sounds in the ears called tinnitus?

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As far as I know the miracles of modern medicine have found no cures to this ringing in the ears as they call it. With that being said, I want you to know what I have discover about this disease. Yes, it is a disease because all test are starting to show that there is nothing wrong in or with your ears except may be an age factor, okay? What they are starting to believe now is that the brain is deteriorating and therefore it starts to short-circuiting, We know that the brain works with and on electrical impulses from one cell to another, right? So when I learned this tidbit of information I keep searching for answers myself. I have had this tormenting ringing in the ears for around 35 years now, and yes it was so loud at times I felt like why is this life worth living. All I wanted was for it to stop and let me rest and be in peace and quiet. So I think I have had my fill of this disease. Now here is something that you may not know, when the brain is short-circuiting is it a symptom that it is deteriorating!!! Yes, deteroiating and if we let it go it can move on into that dreaded alhemierisers disease ( I hope you can read between the lines because of I forgot how to spell the Alhemisers ). I am now 70 years old and yes I still have this disease.

But wait I have found something that may interest you. It is called magnets!!!

Yes, magnets, I place a magnet one on each side of my temple area and wear them all night and day sometimes, I even forget they are there, Now here is the interesting part… the magnets have decreased my noise by as much as 99%!!! Yes that much and at times I go wow no ringing at all. Now I must tell you that I am NOT A Doctor of any medical institution at all, no medical degrees either. All that I am telling you is something that has worked for me okay? I went from the magnets out of those refrigerator magnets to two magnets about the size of a half-dollar. They have been and are a real peacemaker for me. Here is what I do not know, how strong of a magnet to use, is there a better place to have them on the head, than at the temple area? So we need more research into this form of treatment by real doctors and researchers, okay? Maybe they will get to the bottom of this and it will help millions of people around this world. I am telling you what has and is working for me right now today, but it is my hope that this information will spark some more research into it and that this information WILL remain free for ALL peoples. Gil Gray HD

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