Top 150 Travel Blogs 2016

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    The official Top 150 Travel Blogs is here!

    What an exciting list to pull together.

    I’m proud to say that this is the most comprehensive and up-to-date list of travel blogs anywhere in the world today!

    As North America and Europe head into Summer, and Australia and New Zealand head into Winter, it’s a fantastic time to explore opportunities for travel. What better way of doing this then to bring you the absolute best travel blogs currently online… in fact, we bring you the Top 150!

    There is so much useful information here. The key to all this information is being able to quickly find the blogs that resonate with you and have information and advice on places that you desire to go to (or didn’t even know you desired to go to!).

    The Best Travel Blogs for 2016

    Many of these bloggers set out with the intention to simply keep a diary of their travels online and to share their experiences with those interested. Some of these bloggers are now full-time travelers and their blog is their primary source of income. Amazing right? After sifting through all of these travel blogs, I can say that I am greatly impressed with everyone’s work!

    It is somewhat tricky putting together a list of the Top 150 travel blogs as it can be rather subjective in nature. To avoid this, I’ve removed any of my own opinions or judgments and let pure metrics do the talking.

    What I have created is a list of travel blogs that rank from the most trafficked (largest number of visitors) down to the least trafficked. This list will provide you with a clear indication of how large a website is and its relative importance in the travel blogosphere. Keep in mind, even though the blogs towards the bottom are the ‘least trafficked’, they are still within the Top 150 out of hundreds and thousands of travel blogs out there on the internet (if not more!).

    One thing to keep in mind, however, is that a larger site (a site ranked towards the top) does not necessarily indicate that the site is of better quality. Generally speaking, you will find that the larger sites have been around for longer and have more blog posts and content being crawled by Google. Because of this, they are sure to have larger audiences. In saying that, however, the top sites have lasted the test of time and continue to have strong readership so they must be doing something right!

    One thing to add, there have been numerous other top travel blog lists over the last couple of years. Never before has a list been this comprehensive and never before has it been shared with a personal development audience.

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    How to Use This List

    This is YOUR LIST.

    If you are currently travelling or you are thinking about taking a holiday somewhere, then this is a resource that I encourage you to save and come back to on a regular basis.

    Most places in this world have been explored before and it’s easy to follow the beaten path. However, many of the bloggers on this list have had incredible experiences in places I never knew existed. There are so many secrets to the world among this list of blogs… I encourage you to explore destinations and activities that you have never even thought of before (or never even thought possible that there were such places on Earth).

    As you travel around or when you’re planning your next adventure, I encourage you to come back to this list and find the hidden gems of destinations, places and activities that these bloggers have exposed for you.

    Each travel blog is unique and has its own style and purpose. You will also find that you will resonate strongly with some blog owners and their content and perhaps less so with others. For this reason, there is a wide variety of blogs on the list. The one thing in common is that they all are themed around travel.

    My recommendation to you is to browse through each of the blogs below at least once and then pick out the two or three blogs that really resonate with you and are linked to the destinations you would like to visit or the experiences you would like to have.

    Think about the below questions as you sift through each blog:

    • Which bloggers have traveled to destinations I would like to travel to?
    • Which bloggers have traveled to the place that I am currently in?
    • Which bloggers have had the kinds of experiences that I would like to experience?

    When you find something you like, be sure to subscribe to their content and stay informed.

    How The Top 150 Travel Blogs are Ranked

    The Top 150 Travel Blogs are ranked in order from the most-trafficked (largest number of visitors) to the least-trafficked (although the smallest in this case is still a Top 150 Blog!)

    I have used the Alexa rank of the website as the primary ranking method. Alexa provides a relative ranking of each website based on the number of visitors it receives. A rank of 100,000 would mean that the site is the 100,000th most visited site on the internet. With the millions and millions of websites on the internet, such a ranking is classified as pretty good! Just so you know, Google’s rank is #1, Facebook is ranked #2 and YouTube is ranked #3. The Top 150 Travel Blogs are ranked by Alexa scores (as of January 2016).

    People often question the validity of such tools, however, when comparing more generally the relative size of a website they are quite accurate and very useful indicators. Other tools might indicate that a lower-ranked blog in our Top 150 is infact larger than a higher-ranked blog, but generally speaking, the Top 10 websites will always be larger than those ranked 10-20, and those ranked 10-20 will always be larger than those ranked 20-30 etc. To sum it up, the larger and more trafficked sites will always tend to be ranked higher regardless of the tool being used.

    Do you want to get really funky with the Top 150 blogs? I’m pleased to let you know that the Top 150 table is dynamic. This means that you can search for your favourite blog to see where it is ranked and sort by any column, such as page rank or alphabetical order. This is your list. Have fun with it!

    Without further ado, let me introduce you to the Best Travel Blogs for 2016!

    The Winners

    CONGRATULATIONS to every blogger that has made this Top 150 list! I personally give you a high-five and want to say you’re having an impact on others by going off the beaten-track!

    If your blog is one of the Top 150, you have the honour of displaying the following badge on your site. This is the most comprehensive list of travel blogs on the internet and I’m honoured to have you as part of this! Simply use the code provided below to add it to your site.


    Use the below code to display this badge proudly on your website. You deserve it!:

    <a href=””><img src=”×300.png”></img></a>

    (you may need to replace the inverted commas – “” on your own site for the image to work).

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    1Nomadic MattMatt Kepnes17,893
    2Messy Nessy ChicVanessa Grall26,041
    3The Expert VagabondMatt Karsten35,074
    4Y TravelCraig Makepeace45,634
    5The Planet DDave and Deb56,135
    6Adventurous KateKate McCulley56,222
    7MigrationologyMark Wiens65,935
    8A Luxury Travel BlogPaul Johnson74,800
    9Young AdventuressLiz Carlson82,010
    10Alex in WanderlandAlex Baackes88,102
    11The Blonde AbroadKiersten Rich90,184
    12The Savvy BackpackerJames Feess96,938
    13Our Awesome PlanetAnton Diaz98,879
    14The Poor TravelerYoshke Dimen & Vins Carlos100,544
    15The ExpeditionerMatt Stabile101,093
    16Johnny JetJohn DiScala103,402
    17Never Ending FootstepsLauren Juliff107,461
    18Just One Way TicketSabrina Iovino108,472
    19Map HappyErica Ho111,733
    20Goats on the RoadNick Wharton & Dariece Swift113,941
    21Everything EverwhereGary Arndt119,072
    22Uncornered MarketDaniel Noll119,220
    23Legal NomadsJodi Ettenberg120,766
    24A Dangerous BusinessAmanda Williams122,802
    25Nomadic SamuelSamuel Jeffery128,062
    26The Travel HackMonica Stott128,429
    27LandlopersMatt Long131,576
    28Wandering TraderMarcello Arrambide132,542
    29One Step 4WardJohnny Ward134,504
    30Out of TownMelo Villareal135,534
    31Hecktick TravelsDalene and Pete Heck136,667
    32Go BackpackingDavid Lee137,195
    33Nomad RevelationsJoão Leitão138,197
    34Travel DudesMelvin Böcher138,933
    35Pinoy AdventuristaMervin Margasian141,700
    36The EverywhereistGeraldine DeRuiter141,801
    37Solo TravelerJanice Waugh142,080
    38Never Ending VoyageSimon Fairbairn & Erin McNeaney144,467
    39I Am AileenAileen Adalid147,037
    40Leave Your Daily HellRobert Schrader149,985
    41True NomadsJustin Carmack150,516
    42Be My Travel MuseKristin Addis152,589
    43Francis TaponFrancis Tapon153,933
    44Breathe Dream GoMariellen Ward153,951
    45Wandering EarlEarl Baron158,187
    46Extra Pack of PeanutsTravis Sherry158,221
    47Almost FearlessChristine Gilbert160,696
    48Travel With BenderErin Bender162,655
    49Brendan’s AdventuresBrendan Van Son162,909
    50Twenty-Something TravelStephanie Yoder169,499
    51Where’s Sharon?Sharon170,405
    52Travels of AdamAdam Groffman173,524
    53The Cheapest DestinationsTim Leffel175,014
    54Green Global TravelBret Love185,839
    55Velvet EscapeKeith Jenkins190,847
    56Keep Calm and TravelClelia Mattana196,453
    57eTrampingCezary Krol196,794
    58Bucket List JourneyAnnette White198,053
    59Ordinary TravelerChristy and Scott198,969
    60Grrrl TravelerChristine Kaaloa199,143
    61Off the PathSebastian Canaves Vives203,771
    62Travel O CaféLaura and Cipri203,777
    63Vicky Flip Flop TravelsVicky Philpott207,132
    64Hole in the DonutBarbara Weibel207,706
    65My Tan FeetYeison and Samantha208,105
    66GoNomadMax Hartshorne211,357
    67The WandererSiddharta Joshi215,628
    68Wanderlust and LipstickBeth Whitman216,228
    69Time Travel TurtleMichael Turtle217,943
    70Inside the Travel LabAbi King222,355
    71Budget TravellerKash Bhattacharya222,849
    72Never Stop TravelingJim Ferri228,801
    73Turkish Travel BlogNatalie Sayin230,098
    74The Barefoot NomadCharles and Micki Kosman231,541
    75A Little AdriftShannon O’Donnell232,082
    76Amateur TravelerChris Christensen232,825
    77GloboTreksNorbert Figueroa237,964
    78Hither and ThitherAshley Muir Bruhn238,620
    79Fox NomadAnil Polat241,021
    80Finding the UniverseLaurence244,512
    81OttsworldSherry Ott244,573
    82Camels and ChocolateKristin Luna250,126
    83The Vacation GalsKara Williams250,857
    84Globetrotter GirlsDani Heinrich251,131
    85TriphackrClint Johnston251,169
    86Man on the LamRaymond Walsh254,280
    87Dave’s Travel CornerDavid Thompson259,241
    88Crazy Sexy Fun TravelerAlexandra Kovacova271,526
    89Traveling CanucksCam Wears279,830
    90Have Baby Will TravelCorinne McDermott291,714
    91Monkeys and MountainsLaurel Robbins300,199
    92Bacon is MagicAyngelina Brogan300,359
    93Wild JunketNellie Huang307,214
    94The Constant RamblerKenin Bassart316,237
    95The GypsyNesterVeronica and David James324,524
    96Go See WriteMichael Hodson325,227
    97Travel MamasColleen Lanin327,244
    98Vagabond JourneyWade Shepard333,880
    99Uncovering PAJim Cheney341,220
    100Ken Kaminesky PhotographyKen Kaminesky343,813
    101Women on the RoadLeyla Giray Alyanak357,250
    102The Lazy TravelersAshley Chalmers358,285
    103Runaway JunoJuno Kim358,801
    104Geotraveler’s NicheLola Akinmade Åkerström363,460
    105Nomadic NotesJames Clark366,203
    106Heather on Her TravelsHeather Cowper379,622
    107Souvenir FinderKristin Francis403,857
    108Just TravelousYvonne Zagermann409,461
    109The Professional HoboNora Dunn410,503
    110Changes in LongitudeLarissa and Michael412,372
    111Tips for Family TripsAllison Laypath423,183
    112Wandering EducatorsEd Forteau424,913
    113Ever In TransitCassie Kifer427,817
    114Delicious BabyDebbie Dubrow438,540
    115My Travel AffairsMarysia Maciocha445,236
    11612 HoursAnna Peuckert450,520
    1171Dad1KidTalon Windwalker461,849
    118Tourist 2 TownieGareth Leonard463,669
    119Flights and FrustrationThe Guy473,324
    120My Itchy Travel FeetDonna Hull479,213
    121Around the World LLillie Marshall496,842
    122Hopscotch the GlobeKristen Sarah537,781
    123The Traveling PratersTonya Prater539,020
    124Backpacks and BunkbedsNeil Barnes563,905
    125Beers and BeansRandy Kalp568,095
    126The Travel ChicaStephanie Ockerman573,479
    127As We TravelNathan Schacherer & Sofia von Porat581,058
    128Around the World in 80 JobsTurner Barr587,617
    129This Battered SuitcaseBrenna Holeman601,189
    130The HolidazeDerek Freal634,026
    131Flora the ExplorerFlora659,579
    132Art of AdventuringMichael Tieso685,371
    133Over YonderlustShaun689,828
    134LL World TourLisa Lubin812,015
    135Melting ButterJenny Nguyen829,633
    136Further BoundHannah Loaring920,258
    137Nerd’s Eye ViewPam Mandel991,456
    138Travel Experience LiveBram Reusen1,007,277
    139Soul Travelers 3Gary Reyna1,053,721
    140Aviators and a CameraKirsten Alana1,095,276
    141SoloFriendlyGray Cargill1,157,212
    142My Life’s a TripJen Pollack Bianco1,189,551
    143VagabrothersMarko and Alex Ayling1,227,854
    144Virtual WayfarerAlex Berger1,289,284
    145Flip NomadFlip1,299,886
    146Family on BikesNancy Sathre-Vogel1,356,244
    147Where Is Jenny?Jenny Leonard1,387,619
    148Every StephSteph Guglielmi1,971,039
    149Around the World in 80 YearsJim O’Donnell2,425,232
    150Eco Traveller GuideLinda McCormick2,694,707

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    Now What?

    Time to find the adventures and experiences you want in your life!

    If you want to find out more about creating your most successful life, then check out our Top 100 Personal Development Blogs for 2016.

    If you need some instant motivation and inspiration, then make sure you check out the Top 100 Motivational & Inspirational Quotes for 2016.

    If you want to get some actionable tools that you can implement into your life right now, make sure you access our Free Toolkit.

    If you’re keen to make the Top 150 for next year, you might be interested in registering for my course: First 1000 Subscribers (opening shortly).

    Over to You!

    Do you have a favourite blog on the list?

    Which blogs do you find you get the most value from?

    What other travel resources do you use to have a great holiday or adventure?

    I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

    Here’s to making 2016 your most adventurous yet!


    P.S. Do you know of someone that would love to see this list? Please share this list using one of the buttons below. You’ll most likely make their day!

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