[Case Study] How Clearing Money Blocks Helped Kay Release Childhood Pain

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work on clearing money blocks?

If so, I’d like to share the client notes that I have recorded down about Kay* with you. While Kay is not her real name, she is an actual person. She had first presented a situation and background, that was similar to other clients I had worked with.

Typically, when we start to work together and dig deep, we would find that much of the blocks stem from childhood. These blocks arise from memories that have been repressed for a long time. For clearing money blocks, my intent is to help clients address the root cause of their issues. As Tom Robbins, a best-selling novelist, who is often quoted says, “It is never too late to have a happy childhood.” Whatever has happened in the past, we would find that it is possible to repair their childhood wounds, turning their scars into stars that shine light!

Because the alchemy sessions are experiential, the process is an awakening of sorts. It doesn’t matter if I am conducting these sessions online or in-person. They would know that something has shifted internally; with indicative signs such as a dissolution of the sharp pain over their heart, a lifting of the heaviness in the head or a lightening of the weight on their shoulders, etc. Clients find the changes in body sensations coupled with receiving insights, as pretty much transformative!

Let’s find out what took place for Kay….

Clearing Money Blocks Childhood Pain

What Prompted Kay to Pursue Clearing Money Blocks

When Kay – 41-years old and mother to two young kids – first approached me, she was feeling desperate. Tears flowed down uncontrollably as she related her story. She was in a lot of emotional pain.

Kay realised that her lack of confidence and mood swings were costing her with attracting the sales that she needed. Kay also suspected that she had huge money blocks as she often faced the pattern of having barely enough to survive even prior to marriage. She needed help to release her money blocks.

That was when I found out more of what had happened to her.

Kay was on the brink of divorce. Her asking for a divorce would have happened sooner if she had not tried to hang on for the sake of their two young kids and her worry over finances. She wanted out because she had realised that she was in a toxic relationship for a long time.

Her husband was emotionally abusive and manipulative. Over the years, while she became more interested in yoga and spirituality, he wasn’t. They had drifted apart with different interests. Their constant quarrels weighed her down.

Kay finally realised that “enough was enough” with the last argument they had. Her husband had attempted to stop her from attending meditation classes. He was against her undertaking spiritual activities that he felt was a a “waste of time” and money.

Kay desperately needed her life to change. Her situation seemed dire. Kay urgently needed to learn how to stand on her own two feet and find a more consistent source of income with financial independence. She would like to have her two kids stay with her.

Kay had to get a new home with the divorce pending. Based on her circumstances, she figured that the best she could do was to become a real estate agent. Getting out of bed to service clients on bad days was a real challenge.

Clearing Money Blocks From Childhood Issues

During the private session, Kay shared that she had felt “unwanted” with the collapse of her marriage. Then again, it wasn’t a new feeling. She had been suffering from low self-esteem for a long time.

When we started to work together, Kay recalled specific memories in her childhood that still bothered her today. Her parents had divorced when she was 6 years old. Their intense frequent arguments left Kay traumatised. Her mother who was aggrieved and felt bitter by the divorce, had left Kay pretty much on her own. Her 6-year old self felt alone, “unwanted”, abandoned and like a “nobody”.

Kay was in tears when she finally plucked up courage to “meet” her 6-year old. She immediately recognised her inner child who was wearing hand-me-down clothes given by her well-to-do cousins. The clothes were unfortunately too big for her small frame. She was often ridiculed in school about her dressing. Her 6-year old was looking extremely miserable.

With guidance, Kay found out that her inner child or wounded child had been holding on to hurt and pain. She also realised that her younger self had inherited the same beliefs as her mother. Her mother had the beliefs of “I am not good enough” and due to her own issues, would often reaffirm that “money is the root of all evils”.

Kay found out how the negative patterns formed quickly became a common theme in her life. She discovered why she would end up in relationships with partners who were bad for her, leaving her in debt and in dire straits. Kay also finally understood why and how she had contributed to her own marriage collapse and the core reason behind her issues with finances.

Kay realised that she had been operating in poverty consciousness all this time. She needed to change the stories that she was creating in her mind. Her realisations were deep because they were made at the subconscious level. Fortunately, it is possible to tap away the money blocks, rewrite the past and reverse the programming.

What Was Done to Help Kay

Belief Change at Subconscious Level. After Kay had understood what her lessons were, we worked on changing her beliefs at the subconscious. From “not good enough”, I helped her to install beliefs about being worthy and deserving.

Inner Child Healing. Throughout, we worked together with her inner child or wounded child to overcome her feelings of being unwanted and abandonment. The 6-year old wanted clothes that fitted her. She selected a bright yellow dress that brought out the sunshine in her personality. We worked on integrating the energetic picture of a happy child.

Change in Money Story. We cleared her old money beliefs and went on to reimprint Kay’s subconscious with a new story – one that would support her with attracting a money breakthrough and a new reality.

Resourceful State. We worked on shifting Kay into a more resourceful state. From feeling helplessness, she was able to empower herself with creative problem solving and the willingness to be open to new possibilities.

The Aftermath from Clearing Money Blocks

Collapsing the old stories that Kay once had set her free. She experienced shifts as she released her emotional disruptions. From having embraced her inner child, she tuned into a sense of “coming home”. (I equate this to being self-love that she had integrated – a return to wholeness.)

Kay was happy to have worked on clearing money blocks through releasing her childhood pain. In fact, as she discovered, she was no longer as bothered about her financial situation. She was less uptight over things and felt more at ease with herself.

I was delighted to hear from Kay a few weeks later when she reported that she’s been attracting new prospects. The installation of the belief that she is “good enough” had helped to improve her self-esteem. She was able to go for networking events to promote her services confidently.

Kay worked hard both externally and internally through processing her resistances. She went on to selling three properties with a lot less struggle. That gave her enough assurance that she could be independent. She was able to afford rent and to move out to a new apartment after 4 months.

My Thoughts

All in, I was happy to have helped Kay. It was great that she took responsibility and committed to working on herself for clearing money blocks. Kay is now in a more resourceful state to deal with ongoing life challenges. I’m proud of how far she has come. That’s empowerment for her!!

Much love,
Evelyn Lim
Abundance Coach for Women in Business

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