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8 Advantages of Hiring a Product Packaging Design Company


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Sometimes the outside is just as important as the inside. Here are 8 advantages of hiring a product packaging design company to consider. As you might know, I started my career in advertising, working as a Creative Director for big […]

The post 8 Advantages of Hiring a Product Packaging Design Company appeared first on NotSalmon.

How You Can Let Go of Past Trauma and Claim Your Power Back


Have you ever wondered how you can let go of past trauma, so that it no longer holds you back from creating the life that you want in the future?

Living with past trauma as if it is still present, can keep you in repetitive patterns.

Your body remembers the past trauma too and it is likely the reason why you find yourself having the same emotional reactions as if the past is happening now.

The same state of paralysis, anxiety and fear.

The same chills in your body, heart racing and churning in your stomach.

By being caught in the past, you can find life a struggle in the present.

You’ve got dreams and goals that you wish to fulfil. Maybe it is to align with your highest potential, to have the best relationship with your spouse ever, to run a thriving business or to manifest the most amazing life ever. Whatever it is, holding on past trauma can limit your chances of success. As a result, you could be feeling bitter, disappointed and helpless, You have the belief that there is nothing you can do to erase the past and to change your destiny.

I’d like to qualify. The traumas you’ve encountered might not have been big major events to begin with. Note that what feels traumatic for one person may not be the same for another. It might have been an incident such as being ostracised by your friends when you were in play school or being criticised for being “not good enough”. Notwithstanding, they were certainly instances that had left an indelible imprint on your subconscious.

Well, in case you consider your future ruined due to an unhappy past, there is hope. I’d like to share how it is very possible to let go of past trauma and to rewrite the story of an unhappy childhood. When you do so, it opens up new possibilities for you in manifesting a more empowering set of outcomes.

Remembering the Unhappy Past

When I first heard the suggestion that it is possible to truly let go of the past, I had found it ludicrous. After all, the past happened in the way as I remembered it. How can it be possible to change it?

You may have the same doubt too. The details of your past, as you recall them, may be somewhat fuzzy but if your memory gets jogged, you can still recall what had taken place — the painful emotional betrayal by someone you had trusted, the tragic loss of love, the cruel rejection that had left you abandoned, the psychological fear of being left behind, and so on.

The hurt. The sadness. The anger. Feeling rejection. Unloved. The pain that cuts the heart like a knife.

So how can something heart-wrenching that has already happened in the past be reversed?

As I discovered and now having worked with many women from across the world, I had found it entirely possible to let go of the past.

What is Your Past Trauma About? 

An attachment to a negative childhood story narrative keeps the emotional drama alive. Instead of recalling the past as it is, you experience the disruptions as if they are in the now. Your childhood pain gets amplified each time you retell the story with belief and emotion. Stories told over and over again, become self-fulfilling prophecies.

Repeated often enough, the story that you spin in a narrative creates your reality. It determines the quality of your living. As you apply your belief in it, it becomes part of your identity. When this happens, it is possible to feel lost without this story. Which leads to creating the problem of attachment.

All my life has turned out to be a disaster. I am just not made for relationships. I am just not good with people. I’m just not good enough for anything…and that includes love from my parents. I had felt unwanted ever since I was born.

It’s exactly what happened to Regina.

Regina Needs to Let Go of Her Past Trauma

When Regina first reached out to me for help with clearing her money blocks, she went on and on about how her life suck. She blamed her spouse for their money problems, marriage breakdown and what he had done to destroy her life. Regina also complained about how she never got support from anyone; least of all, her mother.

She talked about never being “good enough” and how it hurt her so much to have a mother who had abandoned her when she was a child. Regina declared with some finality, “everyone is bound to leave me at some point”. It became apparent to me that she had an inner child that is wounded.

After going on for 45 minutes, she finally paused. It was when I asked her, “Regina, do you feel like you’re in charge of your life?” She turned and looked at me in surprise, as though I hadn’t been listening all this time. “Well, no,” she replied impatiently. “Or I wouldn’t be here talking to you.”

What Happens When You Let Go of Past Trauma

Specific events took place the way they did. Still, it is important to realise that the past only exists as a memory. It is comprised of a collection of thoughts. The past is simply a construct of your mind. Holding on to a disempowering story can put you in victimhood. What’s more, the conclusions arising from the past that you have made about the world or about yourself may not be true.

Using an inside-out approach, you can change the energy around your childhood story and how you are perceiving it. In reclaiming your power, what would help is to recognise that you have choice. You can decide what you would like to feel and think. Also, you get to decide the story that you would like to place attention on.

Releasing how you feel and think about the past creates the space for a shift to take place. Indicative signs are experienced in your body. They can be any one of the following signs…
– a dissolution of sharp pain over the heart
– a reduction in weight on the shoulders
– a reduction in lower back pain
– tension in the head disappearing and so on.

A positive change experienced in the body is enough to let you know that a shift has taken place internally.

Upon release, you can find it easier to integrate the lessons that serve you for growth.

At a subconscious level, you are invited to change some of the beliefs that you had formed in the past.

It is in the realisation that you are able to turn a story
from pain into power,
from rejection into love,
and from insecurity into confidence.

At this point, your whole body embodies a transformational shift.

Let go of the past quote

Let Go of Past Trauma and Rewrite a New Story 

If the life you are living is not in the way you like it to be, step back and review the story in your mind that you have been investing your energy on. Make sure the narrative is serving you. Because if it is not, you can always change it. Even if it is about the past.

Rather than dwell in blame, be aware that the past holds lessons that you can embrace. While you can’t change what has happened but you can certainly choose to be free of the past trauma that has been keeping you stuck. At an energetic level, you can rewrite your childhood story. (If you need more info, find out here).

As Tom Robbins, a best-selling novelist, says, “It is never too late to have a happy childhood.”

Work on inner child healing or releasing any pain or trauma from the past. It serves no one when you hold on to it. Instead, consider letting go of your unhappy past and rewriting your childhood story to one that serves you with lessons learnt.

What ultimately matters is how you intend to end the story of this existence — on an empowering note or a disempowering one? You have the power to choose. And it is up to you to take charge of the pen.

The rest of your autobiography is still unwritten and the power to write a great ending lies with you.

Love and Abundance always, 
Evelyn Lim
for Women Empowerment & Abundance Alchemy

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