What the 5 Signs of Having Mindset Blocks are

What happens if you don’t even know you have mindset blocks?

What are the signs?

To begin with, why is even important to identify whether you have mindset blocks or not?

Well, for a start,  mindset blocks can keep you stuck or struggling more than you need to. It obstructs your success. A mindset block arises when you have the story of “I want to achieve this goal or dream but (the reason)”. You may even have more than one “but” on why you can’t achieve what you want.

Invariably, the reason behind the “but” stems from a limiting belief. Your “but this” or “but that” are actually excuses. Excuses are a form of self-sabotage. 

Conversely, if there is nothing in the way, you would be getting a lot more success. There are no “buts” to achieving what you want. You are clear, focused and decisive. 

Time is a precious resource and you want to achieve success sooner than later. And if you are someone in business, having mindset challenges can impact your ability to generate income easily.

Clearly, it doesn’t help to be in denial or to avoid the topic of mindset block altogether.

If you want to improve cash flow,
if you want to generate better success,
if you want to shift to the next level,

learn to recognise the signs.

5 signs that you could be having a mindset block

Listen in to this video about what the signs of having mindset blocks are. Or read on…..

  1. You are stuck.

You keep going round and round in circles. Feeling stuck. Distracted with what other coaches or what other people are doing. It is possible that you’ve already attended courses and training classes for your business, but you are still not able to put out your offers.

You have plenty of reasons why you can’t get going. Not able to start a business. Not able to launch. Not able to do what’s needed. So this is not a problem of strategy or know-how but a pure mindset issue.

  1. Not enough Cash Flow.

Cash flow is an important indicator that you cannot ignore.

You may have been on this business for some months or years, but are you generating enough cash flow to cover minimally your expenses?

If you are not generating enough, it can be either a mindset issue or strategy issue or both. Chances are, it is a combination.

  1. You don’t like being visible.

The thought of being visible may make you feel ill, exposed, or naked. You have this fear about the loss in privacy where you simply do not like the idea of people checking up on you online.  Or you may fear that you’d be criticised or attacked for the messages that you share.

As you are offering a service, it helps for your audience to know who you are. You do it best by showing up on video. Hence, it is imperative that you work through your discomfort. Release your mindset issues around visibility with EFT tapping. 

Your business depends on you showing up. Showing up on video also takes practice. Practice in front of the mirror. Work on your script or what you want to say. Once you’ve released your emotional and mindset blocks, you’d be more ready to practice and to post your videos.

  1. You can’t ask for the money

You find it difficult to ask for the money and you have tremendous anxiety on talking about your prices. When it comes to doing discovery or sales calls, you may feel guilty, shameful, embarrassed, not good enough, and so on. All these disruptions are indications that you are having mindset problems.

You need to work through this. If you don’t ask for the money or you have tremendous fears around this, you won’t be able to generate the income that you want.

  1. You are Unable to Shift to the Next Level

You have gotten your initial success and at first,, you were feeling elated. But somehow, after the first breakthrough, you’ve been stuck. And you can’t seem to shatter the next ceiling that has come up.

It could be that you are stuck at a certain income range. Or that you are getting into overwhelm. Or that you have fears around setting higher expectations. Not being able to shift to your next level could potentially be a mindset issue.

Release Mindset Blocks That Are in the Way of Your Success 

Addressing mindset blocks is non-negotiable if you want to be successful. What’s great is that when you transform from the inside, there is a ripple effect that potentially affect all areas of your life. You grow in confidence, self-esteem and wellness. This has a positive impact on your business.

So, begin by staying alert to whether or not you are having signs of mindset blocks. Set yourself up for true success with awareness and action! 

Reach out to me if you’d like to work on releasing mindset blocks. I specialise in helping women entrepreneurs clear their limiting beliefs at the subconscious and at root cause, so that they can live and create the life of abundance that they desire. Apply for a discovery call here >>>

To your success!

Love and abundance always,
Evelyn Lim

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