How to Beat the Fear of Being Visible Online

Struggling with the fear of being visible online? 

If you run a coaching, energy healing or solopreneur business, you cannot neglect or ignore being visible online. 

And if you are an introvert and have the tendency to hide, this post is meant specially for you!

Specifically, the fear of being visible can be about

  • the fear of being seen online,
  • the fear of feeling exposed,
  • feeling vulnerable,
  • imposter syndrome or feeling like a “fraud”,
  • fear of success,
  • fear of being ridiculed in public,
  • fear of not being accepted for your views, 
    and so on.

If you have the fear of being visible online, it can impact you on the business front in the following ways….

  • can’t show up on videos,
  • can’t confidently market your products and services,
  • can’t network and build a group of business associates and friends online,
  • avoid giving interviews,
  • stops you from achieving better success in your marketing activities,
  • can’t conduct online classes or webinar trainings,
  • can’t ask to be paid for your services,
  • set low prices for your products and services etc.

Overall, the fear of being visible online stops you from being more successful in your business. This has an impact on your bottom line! 

Here’s a fact that you can’t run away from:

If you want 24/7 consistent free traffic and for your marketing activities to be effective, you will need to do video marketing.

Which just means that you need to be visible online.

Why You Need to Do Video Marketing

Showing up on video allows you to create and share valuable content with your audience in a way that plain text will never match.

Here are some stats that you need to be aware of….

 Beat the Fear of Being Visible Online - Video Marketing Stats

Get the picture after having an idea about what being visible can do for you?

If you don’t do video marketing, you are at a severe disadvantage.

Indeed, people buy based on emotional connection.

By showing up on video, you are better able to create trust and connection with your audience. Video marketing simply helps you create visibility that will assist you with generating leads and gaining clients.

My Story of the Fear of Being Visible Online

As an introvert, I used to struggle with showing my face online. I felt self-conscious and vulnerable, as if everyone will get to finally see the real me and not like what they see. And so, I used being “an introvert” and that it is not my personality, as the perfect excuse for not showing up. 

I recall the times when I almost threw up, felt faint and going through severe nervous tension just at the thought of needing to be visible. It was that bad for me. I was totally resistant to being visible online!

Later, I discovered that my excuses were not helping me to reach out to more people. In fact, I found out that becoming visible was more a matter of boosting confidence than anything else. It’s still possible to be an introvert and show up on videos, in other words! Fast forward till today, I have been able to show up with more ease and confidence! 

3 Tips on How You Can Beat the Fear of Being Visible Online

If you are held back from achieving your goals by your fear of being visible, I’d like to share with you 3 tips that you can apply…

(1) Start small by being visible online to a small audience.

You can change your settings on your FB profile, youtube or instagram to just private or a small group of friends. Or you can also set up a small facebook group and post your videos there. Alternatively, you can find facebook groups where you can feel safe to create posts. Gradually work up your confidence to showing up and being more visible online!

(2) Repeat some positive affirmations.

Give yourself a positive boost with using affirmations that are going to support you. For example, you can use the following…
– I am open to being seen and heard online.
– I am a powerful communicator.
– I choose to feel safe to be visible online.

(3) Boost Your Confidence.

Let’s face it. Without confidence, it is going to hamper your ability to be more productive and effective in your social media activities. Hence, you need to start with working on yourself. It’s about transforming from the inside-out.

Very importantly, you don’t just want confidence to be based on external factors but I recommend that you want to build Authentic Confidence, showing up as your true self, without any false pretences. Authentic Confidence boosts your ability to generate Cash Flow!

Take Action Right Away with Beating The Fear of Being Visible Online

My course, Authentic Confidence Mastery, is designed to help you create self awareness, align with what you want and to release your fears that are in the way.

It is an invitation to give yourself the permission to shine!

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See you on the inside,

Mindset, Marketing & Manifesting Abundance Coach

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