Shift Your Current Scarcity Paradigm

A scarcity paradigm puts you in lack and limitation. You view the world through a lens of “not enough”. Hence, a positive shift – which improves your vibrational state of being – is required to attract a new reality that is more positive and empowering. When you make a shift by changing your beliefs, thoughts and feelings, you are using an inside-out approach.

In your move towards higher consciousness, you are likely to discover a new set of beliefs that do not necessarily conform to societal held ideas. These new ideas are not about struggling to work hard, joining any network marketing program, or selling health supplements. No goal setting, strategising, or heavy mental activity is needed for the most part.

(This article is a repost and has been updated in 2021).

So how do you know that you are having a paradigm that resonates of lack and scarcity in the first place? May the following situations be true of you?
– constant worrying and obsessing over what you do not have,
– always fighting to reach to the top,
– struggling to find love (whether for self or others),
– excessively taking things from others for “free”,
– bitter, frustrated and stressed out over your life,
– and other instances that put you “upstream” or in resistance with the natural flow of life and who you truly are.

Inner Alchemy For Shifting Scarcity Paradigm

True abundance is ultimately understood and expressed in different ways. In the process of inner alchemy, you will find yourself having to re-examine what you mean by abundance. Does abundance purely mean the acquisition of money or the possession of physical assets? Or does it mean more? What makes you happy? What is it that truly defines your life?

Inner alchemy is necessary if you wish to truly transform your life. We are often deluded into thinking that something has changed simply rearranging or acquiring the external symbols of abundance. It’s an illusion of happiness which do not last very long. Contentment derived from having luxury items (whether it is a sports car or designer bag) tend to fizzle out after a while.

Now there is nothing wrong with having the desire to succeed, to afford a more comfortable lifestyle or to simply advance to the next rung of the ladder. We are after all looking for the freedom to live as we please; in short, a life of abundance. So how do you reconcile such desires without holding onto a paradigm of lack? It is a challenge indeed, in the face of keeping up with our fast-paced modern day living. Like caged hamsters, we find ourselves constantly on the run and comparing what we have to our neighbours.

Shift from Scarcity to Abundance Paradigm

Through a series of meditations and healing, here is an except of what abundance means to me….

Abundance is the experience of moment-to-moment awareness to the fullness of our being. It represents our capacity to live a rich life. It is an expansive feeling of freedom, a state of complete inner peace and a harmonic flow naturally aligned to the rhythm of universe. Abundance is pure love energy in motion. It is the giving of ourselves in creative expressions of who we truly are. At the same time, it is the receiving of rich blessings from the field of possibility.

Abundance 2010
(Photo montage of myself savoring the delights of this world and enjoying beautiful moments with my family.)

I shared the above quote in my book, Abundance Alchemy Manifesto. In my book, I also shared insights that I have gained as a result of my adventures, in making the shift from a paradigm of scarcity to one that is more willing, open and expansive. Much of what I had discovered came from  my personal experiences as well as work from being an ex-Banker, Life Coach, and an Intuitive Consultant.

Your Comments Please

What, for you, is the true meaning of abundance?
What constitutes a scarcity paradigm?
And what is it like to have an abundance paradigm?

Asking ourselves deeper questions offers us the potential for growth. We get better answers when we are in a state of allowing, a willingness to embrace change. Indeed, the more space we allow ourselves for contemplation, the more discoveries we can make and the more we can align with the energy of abundance.

In the meantime, if there is a specific topic or question about abundance that you’d like me to cover, do let me know. I’d be happy to write another article or post to share my thoughts.

Chat soon,

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