Why Money Manifestation Does Not Work


Have you ever come across Law of Attraction posts on money manifestation that ask you to type in a “yes” or “claim it” in the comments in order to receive $1mil or $10mil into your bank account within 24 hours? 
You see….I did these a dozen times. 

I eagerly responded with a “yes”, “claim” and even a “thank you”! 

To my dismay, manifestation did not happen in the amounts that were stated. 
Not even a tiny 1% of the $8,200,000 (refer to image below) in a week.

Or ever, as a result of responding to such posts. 

Why Money Manifestation Not Working

Is this the same for you too? 

 4 Other Money Manifestation Ideas That Also Don’t Work for Most of Us

Here are some common ideas that don’t work for the vast majority of people…

1) Willing the mind for “positive thinking”, so that the Law of Attraction will respond to your mental thoughts.

If it is true, we can just sit on the couch all day and “positive think” for money to come into our bank account.

2) Creating a vision board over the weekend and hoping that your vision board does “

Note: vision board is just a tool and not a magic wand that takes away the need to apply action.

3) Lighting white candles, burning some incense and praying to the Universe to grant your wishes.

The Universe does not respond to whether you are “spiritual” or not. It takes a lot more than burning incense for money to manifest!

4) Going for psychic readings to change your fortunes.

Money manifestation is not a quick-fix and you – not the psychic – needs to be in charge of your life!

My Challenges with Money Manifestation

Like many others, I also applied the many ideas that the money manifestation experts advised.
Mantras, vision boards, prayers – I did them all. 

Well, at first, it worked “here” and “there”. 
But MOSTLY for the big amounts, it didn’t…what a bummer! 
What I did notice was that I was feeling disappointed, frustrated and anxious because I wasn’t able to manifest money quickly enough. 
I was also blaming myself that I wasn’t good enough, that something was wrong with me and that other people have all the luck! 
After being stuck for a very long time, the penny (notice the pun?) finally dropped! 
It struck me that since I was feeling this bad about money and myself, this could be a good place to start. 
I could work on transforming how I feel and think about money. 
Which was what I did.

And if I continue to feel disrupted, it just means that MORE inner work needs to be done. 

No more wishful thinking, magic wands and quick-fix pills but really doing the work from the inside-out. 

Indeed, after having made shifts in the way I think and feel, I found out that I was able to create more focus, since I was carrying less emotional and mental baggage.  Also, I was able to handle financial matters with greater ease.

And the bonus?  Manifestation tools such as applying creative visualisation, become a lot more effective in generating positive outcomes. 


What You Can Choose to Focus On Instead

There is probably no obvious harm to responding with a “yes” or “claim it” to the hundreds of money manifestation social media posts. However, do know that it is a form of wishful thinking if you are expecting money to manifest overnight. And if like me, you go into criticising yourself that you are “a failure”, unlucky or “not good enough”, you will need to stop the self-blame. 

It’s not true that you are lousy or that you suck in manifestation. In fact, you are like the vast majority of people who didn’t manifest $100 into your bank account from responding with a “yes” to a social media post or going for a psychic reading. Rarely is one able to manifest money without doing much and overnight! So in reality, you are not alone in your unsuccessful money manifesting attempts. 

Let’s focus on what we can do that works MORE effectively instead! 

The approach that I am suggesting is this:
Work on changing what you think and how you feel about money. 

Not just about money, work on transforming what you think and feel about yourself in the context of money matters. In short, transforming your relationship with money (and about yourself). Here’s what I discovered…

Your net worth is a function of self-worth and your ability to undertake aligned actions that support your financial well-being. 

Financial well-being does not just come from just having money alone. It also includes our emotional wellness. When we feel and think better about money and about ourselves, our well-being improves. We are able to thrive, breathe more easily, show up as our authentic selves and undertake the actions that can help boost our finances – with much less struggle. 

Even whilst we work towards our goals and dreams, we are in joy and gratitude. Also, we find that we are able to be more generous with our time, resources and money with others, ?instead of feeling tight and broke all the time. When our relationship with money improves, our vibrational state also rises. What we do want also becomes easier to attract. 

In short, it is when we make a change from the inside-out that the magic truly happens! 

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Love and abundance always, 
Abundance Coach
Self-love Healing Specialist

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