What is Money Scarcity REALLY Teaching You

If you are experiencing the struggle over financial lack, it can be challenging to see the lessons money scarcity offers. You are in emotional struggle when you feel worry, frustration and stressed out. Many of us do find it hard to have clarity when we experience emotional overwhelm. Through this article, I hope to shed some insights that have personally helped me create a shift in my relationship with money

For a start, it may seem impossible to will away the perception of scarcity. After all, limits are very much a natural part of our physical life. Just think about it, there is 24 hours in a day, 60 minutes in an hour and 60 seconds in one minute. You have got to finish the work that needs to be done within a certain time frame.

Then, there is also ageing and the cycle of life and death. The physical world has some kind of built-in mechanism where conditions and limits are already preset.

It was also where my confusion came in as well.

For a long time, I had trouble reconciling the ideas of abundance and scarcity. There is the experience of scarcity at physical life because we cannot escape time-space constraints and yet, metaphysical teachers say that the Universe is one of abundance and that we are infinite. So it feels as if both these ideas are on polar ends.

My mind just could not fully grasp or make sense of having scarcity and abundance co-exist together. Hence, no matter how hard I tried to “will” myself to believe that the Universe is abundant, I had the niggling doubt that it could be absolutely true because my experience of the physical world had been otherwise. I was experiencing contrast. 

Is the same conflict bothering you too? Well, when there is non-congruency, it is hard to embody the energy of abundance. Thus, with experiencing scarcity in the physical world, you hit a block each time the mind goes up against a limit. Invariably, you would tell yourself, “there is not enough”. Going up against a limit can set off panic buttons or alarm bells.

To beat money scarcity, you may have even chase after ways to plug the hole. You find yourself working a lot harder and longer, which if you are to reflect, rarely fixes the problem of scarcity or limit that exists in the mind.

Money Scarcity Life Lessons

What Money Scarcity is NOT Teaching You

Money is being printed based on monetary policies by the central bank or government, so technically there is lots of cash in the financial system. Hence a situation of financial lack is only true according to your own physical experience of money.

A situation of money scarcity is not teaching you to dwell in misery. It is certainly not asking you to keep awake at night. Or to blame your spouse, the government or tax authorities either.

Let’s acknowledge that there can be limits in the physical world where certain resources are limited and hence, you experience scarcity. On the other hand, it helps to remember that scarcity and limits can also be a construct of the ego. When you identify too much with limiting thoughts, you can hold yourself back from achieving what you do want. 

spiritual being in human experience

If you can recall, your soul did choose to experience scarcity in an incarnation, so that it can embody the truth of its divine nature. Contrast allows for experiential knowing. Your soul can only know abundance through having a contrasting situation in a physical life. It’s like you will not know what cold is without the contrasting experience of heat. Or it’s hard to figure out what love is without going through fear in an experience.

An experience of financial lack is something that you can choose to reverse. As much as we can undertake measures or strategies to “make more money”, it also involves an inside-out approach where you first reawaken to the truth. By reminding yourself the truth of your being and reconnecting with  sense of worthiness , you can then make the inner shift that often translates to manifesting the truth on the outside: that abundance (including money) is actually available to you!

What Money Scarcity is Teaching You Instead

Remember this: limits are not dead ends.

What scarcity is truly teaching you is about appreciating what is important:

* Are you appreciating life?

* Are you making the best use of a limited life span?

* Are you making the best use of limited resources?

* Are you embracing what appears to be finite: time, money and the life energy of your family and friends?

In short, scarcity is teaching you to redirect your focus.

When you start to put your attention on the things that matter, illusion dissolves. There is no need to grasp, cling or hanker for something out there because there is already the richness of life! Indeed, this is where you practice gratitude! 

Material things do not last. Money doesn’t. You become awakened to the truth that you are a divine soul. In that moment of deep realisation, your soul recognises abundance as a quintessential quality of its eternal being. It is when you embody the inner experience of the awakening that true abundance manifests in the physical world.

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Love and abundance always,
Evelyn Lim 
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