6 Daily Gratitude Prompts for Shifting into an Abundance Mindset

I’d like to invite you to adopt a practice of daily gratitude, if you are interested to shift into an abundance mindset. 

Gratitude IS the gateway to abundance.

When we are thankful, our attention is on the blessings that we have in our life. In that moment of expressing our gratitude, we are not focused on any worry, blame, frustration etc.

By virtue of the Law of Attraction, the sustained joy that we feel from reminding ourselves about our blessings sends out a positive vibe to the Universe that helps us to draw more of the same.

Here’s a graphical representation on how a practice of gratitude compounds and brings you dividends in terms of financial well-being. Obviously, while we can start with a 10-day or a 21-day challenge, it is best that we can make the practice very much a part of our life going forward. 

Daily Gratitude Attraction Multiplier

Shift Away from Negative Mindset with a Daily Gratitude Practice

But what if you have difficulties making gratitude a daily practice?

One of the challenges that some of my clients have is that they find it hard to keep up with a practice that lasts beyond 2-3 days.

When my clients tell me that they would very much like to shift away from having a negative mindset or one that is focused on lack and scarcity, I would often encourage them to adopt a gratitude practice.

In fact, I may even recommend that they write at least 3 items down in a gratitude journal every day. 

However, they would run out of ideas or tell me that they don’t know what to express their gratitude for.

I found myself having to give them prompts and share examples from my own gratitude journal.

Well, I’d like to share 6 top gratitude prompts from my resource box that can help anyone shift into an abundance mindset. 

6 Daily Gratitude Prompts

1) Thank the person who invoiced you for the product or service.

Received a bill or invoice? Consider thanking the person who provided you the product or service that is making a difference in your life. Be aware that this person is making an honest living and you are supporting his or her livelihood.

2) Thank the people in your community – bus drivers, trash collectors, shopkeeper etc.

These people help to improve the quality of your life by offering a vital service. Also, be willing to support the local grocery shop round the corner or the handicapped lady who comes by selling packets of tissue in food centers. Be reminded that gratitude in receiving and giving is pretty much two side of the same coin. 

3) Thank your loved ones for who they are and their support of you.

Express your gratitude to your loved ones. Be mindful of the small and specific things that each does for you and thank them individually. Your relationships stand to improve when you show more appreciation! 

4) Thank your body parts. 

Health is wealth and your body is a temple. Do a body-sweeping meditation session, where you thank each part of your body i.e. from the top of your head to the toes. The body-sweeping meditation is a practice in self-love.

5) Thank the Universe. 

Thank the Universe/God/Life for the opportunities, events and blessings that you enjoy. As you bring attention to these, engage your feelings and sensations.

6) Thank yourself. 

There are so many things that you can thank about yourself. This is also a practice in self-love. It can be done in front of the mirror or simply by journaling. 

Thank yourself for showing up. Thank yourself for doing your best. Thank yourself for the brilliance that you are!

A Practice of Daily Gratitude Compounds Your Money and Abundance Flow 

I explain it here in my Youtube video too….

Learn to practice gratitude while transforming your relationship with money, so that you can adopt an abundance mindset that will help you attract love, peace, joy and blessings into your life! 

Wishing you much love and abundance always, 

Evelyn Lim
Abundance Coach for Women Solopreneurs

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