How to Align with Your Authentic Self for Boosting True Confidence

Would like to align with your authentic self?

This article is written for you if you are feeling tired of showing up with a false image of who you really are. Perhaps you are trying to project a picture of success that is far from reality on social media. Or that you are more of an introvert and trying to appear more extroverted in order to gain friends and be popular. Whatever it is, you are feeling a sense of disconnection on the inside.

Well, I have been delighted to discover that there are many studies (one such research study on authenticity is found here) showing how authenticity can lead to numerous benefits such as…

  • higher self-esteem,
  • greater well-being,
  • better romantic relationships
  • enhanced work performance.

A few years ago, I recommitted to upholding authenticity. It happened right after I experienced a sick and nauseating feeling from an overdose of marketing hype that is so prevalent in my industry. I was both being sold to, and at the same, being taught by business coaches to apply cooker-cutter strategies that were, unfortunately, based on plenty of big promises, Fake it till You Make It and FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) ideas.

At first, I tried to live with the discomfort in order to follow what I was taught, since I presumed that the 7-figure coaches should know better. (As I  write this now, I’m feeling guilty for any marketing messages in the past that might have come across as fear-based). In reality, my sense of disconnection was growing on the inside.  Finally, depleted of energy, I had to take a break from all the marketing noise online. 

Going back again to self-discovery and based on my Enneagram personality, I have since understood that it is important to align with authenticity. Once I made the decision to stay true to my innate nature, I have been much happier. Holding on to less inner struggle, I have been able to experience greater self-acceptance.

With authenticity being of an important value, I prefer to share from a vulnerable place. I’d like others to know that I don’t often have it all together. There have been many times where I have made mistakes or failed badly. I may have done lots of inner work but I’m far from being enlightened or the perfect mother or wife who no longer gets triggered. Indeed, I have felt a stronger sense of who I am by moving up in the authenticity scale. 

Regardless of whatever values you place importance on, I believe that it would serve anyone’s interest to be authentic. As studies already show, authenticity brings about many benefits. If you are feeling disconnected and would like to be true to who you are, I’d like to share 5 tips on how you can better align with your authentic self and start to feel a greater sense of confidence and well-being. 

5 Tips to Align with Your Authentic Self 

Authentic Self Tip #1: Strip away the layers of who you are not.

Release any false beliefs about not being safe to be the real you. This includes releasing the fear of rejection, fear of needing to be perfect, fear of not being seen as who you are etc. If there are any deep fears, work on releasing them at the root cause (apply for a discovery call here if you need help). Often, root causes are related to the past. 

Authentic Self Tip #2: Create a sacred space to get to know who you are at a deep level.

Allocate some quiet time, tune in and journal down your true thoughts, feelings and values that are dear to you. Work on self-discovery. Understand what your personality is like for greater self-acceptance. 

Authentic Self Tip #3: Embrace every part of you, including the parts that appear to be flawed or broken.

Learn to acknowledge that there is nothing fundamentally wrong with you. Accept that you are perfectly imperfect. You’ve got strengths and weaknesses, just like everyone else. Be willing to be vulnerable and embrace every part of you. 

Authentic Self Tip #4: Affirm that it is safe to be seen and heard.

Give yourself the permission to show up as your authentic self. Keep affirming yourself. Your presence matters and you can be visible. 

Authentic Self Tip #5: Act in alignment with your core beliefs and values.

Find out what your core beliefs and values are. These are like your guiding posts in life. They guide all that you do. They guide you in your authentic conversations with others and the actions that you undertake. 

Authentic Self for Life Abundance

Energy leaks when we try to pretend to be who we are not.  When we show up bravely as we are, we actually conserve energy. Our heart and mind is in alignment and we are comfortable in our skin. 

Finally, I’d like to invite you to show up as your authentic self in every part of your life. Whether in your relationship with your loved ones, in your marketing, with your clients and so on. Every part of you is in congruence. You are likely to find that others are able to trust you, life and business improves and your wellness goes up. 

To be authentic is to embody personal truth, self-love, the willingness to be vulnerable and the courage to be your genuine self without fear, apology or reservation. Evelyn 

What aligning with authentic self means
What Aligning with Authentic Self Means

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