How Nellie Released Limiting Money Blocks to Client Attraction and Authentic Selling

I was helping a client (let’s call her Nellie, not her real name) clarify the ideal client that she’d like to work with, when we discovered that she was having some limiting money blocks about people who are wealthy.

Nellie’s line of work requires her to service the needs of wealthy individuals or at least people with excess funds.  If she releases her subconscious blocks, client attraction can potentially happen with greater ease. It will certainly help Nellie to have more clients as the extra income that she gets can go a long way to supporting her family with two young kids. Since her beliefs could be in the way for client attraction and business sales, we proceeded to work on releasing the limiting money blocks.

Childhood Situation that Created Limiting Money Blocks

When I asked Nellie what some of her discomfort was reminding her of, she recalled two childhood incidents when she was 11 years old that had left her feeling lousy, disgusted and ashamed. 

Back then, Nellie had signed up for a holiday job that required her to sell Christmas cards. She was tasked to go from house to house, in order to make some sales. Since it was a rich neighbourhood, she was expecting to sell her Christmas cards easily. 

However, when her 11-year old self knocked on one such door, the man who opened it looked at her with irritation. The look on the man’s face made her feel as she was some kind of pest. As she related, a thought crossed her mind,  “what mother said about rich people must be true.”

Nellie’s mother had previously shared her thoughts about how “rich” people are like. They were mostly negative. It resulted in Nellie adopting a bad impression and yet, causing her to feel inferior and second class to friends who come from wealthier backgrounds. 

In the meantime, her 11-year old self was also taught to use dishonesty by saying that the proceeds made from the Christmas cards would be donated to charity (when in fact, there were later indications that this did not happen).

What Happened During Our Session 

Well, we worked on helping her inner child release any negative emotional disruptions using EFT tapping.

At the same time, we worked on letting go of the limiting beliefs that Nellie had formed. Her younger self had internalised the messages that belonged to her mother. These needed to be released, since they don’t serve her now or at all. Also, we needed to help her clear the conflict she was experiencing in her value system.

The 3 limiting money beliefs that Nellie had were…

  • Rich people are stingy.
  • I’m cheap, having to ask for the money.
  • I need to sell dishonestly in order to make a sale.

We reframed these beliefs into more positive ones. I pointed out that one can be stingy – whether rich or poor. We also agreed that it’s possible for someone to be both rich and generous too. Thus, it is false that ALL rich people are stingy.

The positive beliefs that we installed included…

  • I allow client attraction to happen with greater ease.
  • I attract ideal clients who are happy to be working together.
  • It is safe for me to use authentic ways to connect with ideal clients and to promote my offers easily. 
  • I am worthy of working with all those who can benefit from my services. 

Finally, we set an intention for attracting a vibrational match to her ideal client type.

Nellie reported to feeling more energised, lighter, and confident in the way forward. We discussed some energetic aligned actions that she can apply for her business, as a follow through on her session. I’m excited for her and glad that our session went well 🙂 

What’s Next for You

Which brings me to the point about writing this post: how you can help yourself.

Ask yourself if you are having any limiting beliefs or stories about selling, client attraction or making money.

How is having this belief or message making you feel?
Does this feeling remind you of something in the past?
If so, when was this? What age were you? What happened?

Next, use the information to work on releasing blocks that are in your way. You can use any emotional or energy release method. Personally, I like using a combination of therapeutic approaches including EFT tapping, inner child healing, NLP and so on. Affirm new beliefs that support you with creating the business that you love and that thrives. 

3 Positive Affirmations for Ideal Client Attraction that Support Your Business

If you need any assistance, reach out to me here. Or if you prefer to work through limiting beliefs on your own, check out my transform your relationship with money course

Hope this helps!

Love and abundance always, 
Abundance Coach

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