How to Release Chronic Worry and Anxiety from the Stomach Meridian (EFT Tapping)

When you are caught in anxiety, do you observe an unsettling or discomforting feeling in the stomach?

Well, anxiety and the stomach are said to be connected. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, anxiety gets stored in the spleen/stomach/pancreas network. In this article, I’d like to bring focus to the link between anxiety and stomach issues.

First of all, while I sometimes use the words anxiety and worry interchangeably, let’s also understand that there is a difference according to psychologists.  

Differences Between Anxiety and Worry 

Worrying is feeling uneasy and overthinking about a situation or problem. Say, you worry over things like money, ability to survive or health. Worry is usually on something specific and more likely to be temporary. Once the situation is over, worry ends. 

On the other hand, anxiety is the reaction to situations perceived as stressful or dangerous. Anxiety is more permanent. It triggers a physical response. Where anxiety is excessive, you can also be diagnosed with a disorder. 

It’s possible to start with worrying before the uneasy feeling becomes anxiety, where there is the perception of a lack of control. Even after the threat or tigger is gone, anxiety remains. Your body system is still in a state of alert. 

Worry and Anxiety Released Through the Stomach Meridian 

Whether worry or anxiety, we can’t sleep at night. The overthinking mind keeps us in a loop of repeated thoughts. Our stomach gets all knotted up in fear. Metaphysically, it happens where we are not able to digest or accept our situation in life. Based on our projections, we are not able to envision a positive outcome.

Stress that is related to anxiety, slows down digestion. For some people, this can cause issues like constipation and bloating and for others, diarrhoea and frequent trips to the toilet. Stress can also worsen digestive conditions like stomach ulcers and irritable bowel syndrome.

Interestingly, if we want to access the stomach meridian, it is not made through the tummy area. Instead, it can be accessed by tapping under our eyes with our fingertips. Our stress response has been activated and we can calm it through EFT tapping on the meridian points

Tapping Stomach Meridian for Releasing Anxiety and Worry

Need to quell the stomach when you are feeling anxious or worried?

Well, tap Under the Eye for at least 7-8 times. Note that we may need to access more than just the stomach meridian to release chronic worry, anxiety, or fear. When using EFT tapping, we bring attention to our worry while applying some light pressure with our fingers. We are calming our sympathetic nervous system.  Through tapping, we are releasing our worry and anxiety and restoring safety and ease. 

Reconnect with the Present 

Overthinking distracts us from being in the present. However, let’s remind ourselves that we have the power to build something today, as yesterday is past and tomorrow is dependent on what we do now. The ability to change our future lies in the now. Hence, it would help to stay grounded. 

Fortunately, we can use somatic approaches (such as EFT tapping) to address our worry and anxiety and to override our habit of repetitive over-thinking and negative projections. Once we start to feel calmer, we are better able to make wiser decisions that impact our tomorrows. Beyond the shadow of doubt, a mind which is at ease supports our well-being. 

To your peace and wellness, 
Evelyn Lim
Abundance Coach


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