How To Tap into Your Body Wisdom for Healing Money Wounds

Tapping into the wisdom of our bodies is the art of paying attention to the information offered by our physical bodies and releasing stuck energies that are trapped.  When we pay close attention to our physical sensations in the face of money matters, we are able to decipher the emotional messages that our body has stored. The great news is that these physical impulses from our body are giving us an opportunity to make a shift.

If we ignore these opportunities, we miss out on the chance to release the associated negative patterns tied to our dismal situation. On the other hand, if we stay present to the sensations, we are able to access the information that is needed for release. 

Let’s recognise that money is an emotional topic. We get emotionally charged when it comes to money matters. For instance, many of us carry money shame about not being, doing or having better – essentially stories of “not enough”. We may also feel angry with ourselves for not meeting expectations or feel afraid of not having sufficient funds for retirement. As emotional reactions differ for everyone, it is important to discover what yours are like. 

What I’ve discovered is this: there are NO positive benefits to holding on to our limiting money stories or negative beliefs about ourselves for ages. In fact, the faster and earlier we clear them, the more freedom and empowerment we create for ourselves. We can choose to live today, instead of waiting till tomorrow. Indeed, building a better relationship with money starts with building a better relationship with ourselves or more specifically, our bodies. 

Tap into Your Body Wisdom 

1. Make the intention of noticing what your body is telling you. Physical sensations such as…

  • butterflies in our stomach when we are just about to make a big payment
  • rise in heartbeat when we are about to enter into a money discussion with our partners
  • tension headache when filing for tax
  • dizziness when attempting to look through financial accounts
  • constriction in the heart whenever we recall about the costly financial mistake we have made in the past,
  • and so on.

2. As soon as you notice that you are experiencing any physical sensations, take a pause. Stop what you are doing, so that you can give yourself the space to find out some answers.

3. Adopt an attitude of curiosity and openness as you bring attention to what is going on internally. Simply observe without judgment or the need to control or fix anything. 

4. Close your eyes if it helps you to concentrate better.

5. If you are particularly anxious, do some breathing exercises and calm yourself down sufficiently before proceeding. 

6. Bring awareness to the physical disruptive sensations. Which part of the body is experiencing these? Are you experiencing tightness in the jaw, tension in the shoulders, heaviness in the heart, and so on? Make a note of what the sensations are like and the level of intensity. 

7. Gently observe the emotions that are behind the physical symptoms. Are you feeling shame, anger and/or fear? Also notice any thoughts, self-talk, images or memories that is going on. What is the money story that you are telling? What are the limiting beliefs you are holding on to about money and abundance? There is no need to push them away, you are simply acknowledging them. 

8. Next, open your eyes and jot down or make a note of your observations.

This is a great exercise to practice whenever you need to interact with money. Physical disruptions can happen anytime even while you are paying for groceries or on the highway. Obviously do this exercise when you are out of harm’s way and where it is safe for you to do so.

Integrating Body Wisdom 

A shift usually happens when we learn to reconnect with our body, create grounding and gain wise insights about ourself.

Becoming aware is a crucial step for money healing to happen. It unravels layers and layers of emotional and mental debris. Perhaps, even lifetimes of these. You become aware of your money story patterns that have constantly kept you stuck. With the information you’ve gathered, you gain the opportunity to release negative emotional charge and to let go of limiting beliefs.

Thus, you override the old programming where the brain is wired to respond in the same ways. As I’ve discovered from working with clients, using a somatic-based approach like EFT for money healing, can be extremely helpful. With a restored energy system, you are now better able to undertake new behaviour that supports you in creating an empowered financial life going forward. 

Money Healing That Starts from The Body and that Clears Across Time, Space and Dimension

Just imagine, if you hold on to a negative money story, refusing to let go and willing yourself through (never mind, the self-sabotage). Your beliefs and unconscious patterns get coded in your energy system. It’s a set of poverty codes. The codes pass down your generational time lines until someone is brave enough to work on healing and to undo them. Only then, can freedom be established. Only then, can wholeness be restored.

So why wait when it can be now?

You do it not just for yourself, but for all those down your family line. Healing can be made through a systematic process that starts from a somatic-based approach and that involves healing across time, space and dimension. In the meantime, your courage to heal creates a ripple effect that also benefits humanity. Essentially, you are answering the call of your soul to awaken and transform at all levels of consciousness. 

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Love and Abundance Always, 
Evelyn Lim
Abundance Coach
Energy Healing Specialist


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