Stop Gaslighting Yourself: Learn to Spot the 10 Signs

Could you be gaslighting yourself and not know it? 

Apparently, the concept of gaslighting came from an old movie. In the show, the wife gradually feels disoriented after her husband turns the gaslights down slightly lower each night. When she notices the shift in lights, he would negate her observations by saying that it is all in her head. He’d also do things, such as hiding items and insisting that she lost them. His tactics are aimed at causing her to lose sanity. 

While gaslighting appears to be an external psychological tactic, what’s troubling is that we can also be doing this to ourselves unconsciously. Self-gaslighting happens when we undermine ourselves so much such that we lose complete confidence. It can also happen if we are the subject of gaslighting by an external party and gradually over time, we start to internalise what was said to us. 

It’s important to spot the signs of gaslighting, so that you can stop questioning and doubting yourself. 

10 Signs of Self-Gaslighting 

  1. Dismiss your own feelings. 
  2. Ignore your own intuition.
  3. Thinking that you are “too sensitive”. 
  4. Making excuses for other people’s bad behaviour.
  5. Believing that something is fundamentally wrong with you.
  6. Doubt your own capabilities.
  7. Frequently comparing yourself to others.
  8. Feel guilty when you ask for help.
  9. Keep blaming yourself.
  10. Second-guessing your memory. 
Signs of Gaslighting Yourself

Self-Love as The Antidote to Gaslighting 

Stop gaslighting yourself and shift into self-love instead. 

By loving yourself, you commit to healing yourself emotionally. You accept how you feel instead of invalidating your feelings. Neither do you ignore your intuition by thinking that you are “too sensitive”. You also hold the fundamental belief that there is nothing wrong with you and you are able to support yourself with loving and encouraging thoughts. 

Self-gaslighting is often rooted in the lack of self-esteem or beliefs formed from childhood experiences. If you are gaslighting yourself and caught in self-sabotage, do reach out for help. Apply for a discovery call here to find out more about self-love healing and working together. 

Love and abundance always, 
Evelyn Lim 
Emotional Mastery Coach

Self-Love Healing Specialist 

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