She Said To Me, “I Am So Happy To See You Happy”

Written by Alden Tan

Years ago, I was in Bali with a friend. She worked as a tour guide there. We spent every day together.

One night, while drinking away with her and a bunch of her friends and strangers we met along the way, she told me abruptly:

“I am so happy to see you happy.”

And that stuck with me since.

I honestly never had anyone tell me that before, that they were actually just happy to see me happy.

Maybe others have felt the same, but to have it verbalized to me really meant something to me. It’s like for once, somebody actually doesn’t have a bunch of ridiculous expectations or dubious intent on me.

How many people in your life are happy because you are happy? Do you know of anyone whose reason for being happy is you being happy?

Do you have someone in your life, whom when you see happy, makes everything worth it?

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