When Figuring Out What You Want To Do In Life, You Include The Evil

Written by Alden Tan

There’s so much information and “inspiration” out there today when it comes to figuring out what you want to do in life.

A variation of that would be learning how to achieve your goals, chase your dreams or do what you love while making a living out of it.

Personally, from experience, if you want to have a good answer for yourself, you need to be extremely honest.

You need to include the evil:

  • If you want to become fucking rich as fuck, then say you want to become fucking rich as fuck. Say you want the lambos, private jets and private yachts. Say you want to at least experience them once in your life despite many rich people saying that they’re meaningless pursuits.
  • You can’t just say you’re not in it for the money. That’s impossible. You still need to make a little to survive. Money is definitely not evil.
  • If you’re telling others you’re in it to help others only because others say you should, you’re not really going to help others since it’s not from the heart.
  • Perhaps you can say, you are okay to help a few people at a time only. Then when you need to rest, you rest. You then refuse to help others.
  • Despite a TikTok video being extremely viral, it doesn’t mean you need do or follow what it preaches. If it’s not something aligned with you, then don’t follow.
  • No, you’re not wrong if you don’t want to follow along, despite their seemingly good intentions.
  • Even if you’re in some “wholesome” industry like self-improvement or mental health, you still get to watch out for yourself. You get to turn people down, say no and reap your own benefits first.
  • Above all else, in a business, you need to crunch numbers to see how you can grow. This means placing numbers above feelings. You also need to network and meet people just for your own benefits. This means casting people who despite being good people, are essentially useless.
  • And sometimes, if you don’t want to fucking hustle 24/7, that’s fine. Just say you don’t want to. Take a damn break. Drink beer, eat shit, screw around and have fun every once in a while.

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